A Clarion Call

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A Clarion Call

Have you ever felt a cerebral nudge, repeated nudges so strong that your heart and soul seem connected to it and you cannot run any more from that deepest conviction? That is the case with Oliran Services.

A journey of a thousand mile, they say begins with a step, from resigning from one of the best bank in Nigeria as a contract staff to enrolling and graduating in an artisan training school, were more of convictions than just gain sayings.

Personally, I believe that the thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, is service to a fellow human being. This positive change can be found in any occupation if only we look inwardly to listen to the screaming heart desires waiting to be satisfied.

Remember, you can never succeed in something you do not believe in, something that does not motivate or inspire you. At oliran Services, we are delighted to serve and create a lasting experience through the services we render by bridging the gap between you and savvy artisans.

Welcome to Oliran Services, a platform where service is the experience.


Author Since: December 12, 2020

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